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When Joseph Pilates developed this system that is now applied worldwide, he conceived it as one that will feel like a workout to building power and flexibility.  If you are a person that enjoys golf as an amateur or professionally, you will agree that these are some characteristics that a golfer should have in order to better perform in the game.  This is why I strongly believe that a golfer can find a great complement in Pilates and should be taking some lessons in order to improve their performance in the sport.

Let me break down for you why I believe Pilates can complement your golf lessons:

Pilates improves your alignment

In fact, pilates places special emphasis on having a complete alignment.  Exercise routines in Pilates allow you to develop sufficient strength to provide you with a correct symmetrical position.  You need to have a good body alignment in golf in order to make your swings effective and with proper aim.

Pilates can improve your concentration

One important aspect of Pilates is that you need to focus on what you are doing.  Concentration is very important as you make your flowing movements match the routine you are using to aim for a particular purpose.  As a golfer, you know how concentration is important when it comes to trying to putt a hole.  So Pilates can help you develop a stronger sense of focus.

Powerhouse workout is important for an effective club hit

In Pilates, the powerhouse is referred to as the muscles in the center of the body, including the abdomen, the hips, the buttocks, the lower and upper back, and the inner thighs.  This part of the body is very central to Pilates as exercises are designed to stimulate this part of the body.  This can bring a lot of benefits to your golf practicing as it strengthens your core, which is fundamental to the good performance of swings when hitting that golf ball.

Pilates can improve your precision

It goes without saying that precision is a very important aspect to being able to handle to correctly perform at golf.  Pilates applies focus on one small exercise repeatedly and in the correct fashion than in hundreds of different workouts.  This helps improve precision in those particular short and few movements.  Golf is a sport that does not require that many movements, so Pilates can help a lot as it increases the precision of your golf hits.


This is one special focus of Pilates.  A correct breathing will bring about better results.  A golfer knows how important breathing is when it comes to making attempts to putt holes.

If you are willing to get golf ready, you can use Pilates as your exercise routine system.  It is guaranteed to provide you better results in the game.  Of course, if you really want to get into golfing, it is imperative for you to take golf lessons with the best golfers out there.  Improve your game and improve your focus, swing, and flexibility as you practice the game you love.


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One thing we love about Pilates and Yoga is how they make us feel while we are at it and right after we have concluded a session.  That sensation of relaxation we get and of well-being provided by our determination of doing something for ourselves is beyond compare.  It is a great feeling when you know that there are better days to come ahead of you.  It is even greater to realize that you are being proactive in fulfilling your personal goals.

You have seen joggers and runners perform while they carry a music player with earpieces on them.  This is actually appropriate as it is a good motivator to keep on going.  Pilates and Yoga though, are practiced on a stable setting and usually require a peaceful environment with a touch of fun as well.  Relaxing music with a great sound goes a long way in achieving the best performance.  If we are talking about great sound, you must agree that nothing delivers such as a great record player does. Yes, that briefcase or that turntable that used to adorn your parents’ house living room.  You  can now go back to vintage records and play the music you love performing the routine you love.

Great sound is more relaxing

When you are listening to great music with the fidelity that record players provide, you are setting off  a great mood.  This allows you to create a more relaxing status and will help you perform at your Pilates or Yoga session.  The advantage of record players and vinyl records is that they can play seamlessly without the risk of an electronic glitch or anything similar.  The fact that the music is not electronic allows for an almost perfect sound that plays as long as your session lasts.

Record player sounds creates a nice atmosphere

An adequate atmosphere is the best one to effectively carry on a Yoga session.  There are, of course, episodes of effort and hard work, but a convenient ambient means a more effective exercise.  Even during intensive sections of Pilates, a great sound motivates you hard enough to keep on.  If you combine a great tune with fantastic sound, great things begin to happen.

Great music helps obtain a mental state

Great music, mainly vintage sounds, can carry you on to the required state of mind to start your session.  While music being played on a nice record player fills up the air, you achieve a mind state that helps you better attain those positions and exercises you are practicing.  It is all a matter of letting yourself flow with the rhythm of a great vinyl record played with the highest fidelity of sound.   The mere nostalgic sense of having a majestic piece of comeback article in your living room is exciting in itself.

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Are you one of those people who are so conscious about their body and are always finding new ways to live a healthy life amidst all the modern lifestyle that the world has today? That’s great then. You probably have the right set of foods you eat, the right routine exercises that you do daily and you’re even taking healthy supplements regularly to keep your body healthy.

Caring for your health and trying out a healthy lifestyle can be considered as your biggest responsibility. The latest US survey even shows an increasing number of obese people because of the fast and convenient lifestyle that we have these days. And you definitely don’t want to leave the earth that early just because you didn’t care for your body that well.

Healthy Living Essentials

You might ask this question, how can I live a healthy life? Should I deprive myself from eating the foods I want or the things that I love to do? Well, that’s not always the case, living a healthy life is not just about what you eat and what you do, it’s about your holistic attitude.

There are some essential things that you need to consider for your healthy living plan. One is to watch what you eat. It didn’t say you stop eating the foods that you love. It is more about being aware of it and it’s also all about moderation. Regular exercise is also necessary to keep your body healthy and fit. Not to forget about staying away from bad vices like excessive drinking of alcoholic beverages and smoking.


Lately, it was proven that using essential oils is also essential to healthy living. The best essential oil can help you physically, emotionally and spiritually. These natural oils carry the best healing and relaxing properties that can help your body achieve the kind of healthiness that it needs.

Why Use Essential Oils?

If you aren’t familiar enough with essential oils, you might wonder how it can be a good aid to healthy living. You are probably thinking about a good back massage when you hear the word “essential oils”. But there’s more to essential oils than just a good massage agent.

  • Improves blood circulation
  • Treat injuries
  • Makes hair and skin healthy
  • A good stimulant
  • Antiseptic
  • Anti-inflammatory
  •  Antibacterial
  • Aromatherapy

Essential Oils

These are just a short list of the health benefits of essential oils to our body. These oils were extracted from known herbal plants, flowers and roots and they carry the most natural and organic healing. Essential oils can also be added when cooking. A few drops of the right kind of oils to your food will make a big difference. Just make yourself familiar about what and how to use each type of oil.

Last Note…

If you are aiming to start living a healthy life, make sure that you do it with all your heart and mind. That is a challenge that many people are failing to do. Remember that when you’re healthy, you can live and enjoy living in this world longer. That would mean you can still spend more time with your family and the people that you love. Stay healthy and live happily, make it your purpose!

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Training regimen is essential for a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Its goal is to attain total wellness that will enrich our bodies for the activities of daily living. A meaningful way of life is an attained balanced of mind and body, which Pilates provides. It also compliments any fitness and exercise regimens and make sure to speak to your personal trainer to determine how it fits into your overall fitness plan.

What is Pilates?

pilatesCreated by Joseph Pilates, Pilates is a contemporary approach of series of exercises that involves movement that focuses on training the mind and the body. This type of exercise emphasizes the importance of proper breathing and proper spine alignment. For people who seldom workout, this seems to be intimidating, but this way of movement had been used for decades to promote physical fitness and a great state of mind. For most parts, it includes 25 to 50 strength training exercises that involve the abdominal muscles, lower back, thighs and hips. This can be done by most people but it is important to consult your physician before doing it. If you practice Pilates regularly, you will soon attain the numerous benefits.

Benefits of Pilates

  • Attuned Body and Mind

Pilates emphasizes proper breathing, aligned spine and pelvis while concentrating on smooth, flowing movements, these bring the mind and body into harmony. It makes you more aware of your body and you will soon find yourself correcting your bad habits towards your body.


  • Strong Core and Better Balance

The basic aspect of Pilates is pulling your navel in through breathing, doing this regularly helps build abdominal muscles strengthening the core and decreases lower back pain. Strong core also helps in attaining better sense of balance.


  • Better Posture

Pilates can pretty much guarantees proper posture. If you practice this type of movements regularly, eventually you will stand tall, look smart and elegant.


  • Longer, Leaner Musculature and Improved Flexibility

Traditional weight lifting builds short muscles that are prone to injury, on the other hand, Pilates elongates and make muscles leaner, flexible and elastic which is less likely to be injured.


  • Strengthens the Body

Pilates conditions the whole body, no muscle group is left undeveloped. With the entire muscles working in perfect condition, you will have all the strength for daily living. Better endurance and high level of performance are seen with people practicing Pilates.

With all these benefits that you can reap from Pilates, incorporating or including it to any training regimen really helps. Pilates is more than just an exercise but it is a way of life. A fusion of the mind and body is essential to well being. This basically enhances the quality of life you have.  Most athletes and health conscious individuals have included Pilates as a critical part of their training regimen, precisely because it does not only provide a healthy physique; it also provides a positive connection with the inner self. Don’t take my word for it, try Pilates now and see how essential it is to every regimen you have. Apparently, with a regular Pilates program, you will see the amazing changes in your life.

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You may be wondering what a boxing-related article is doing on a pilates-based website, but gains seen in each activity can actually cross over and benefit each other. In other words, the two compliment each other. I will describe some of the basic rationale behind this notion, and will also provide some of my own personal experiences of dipping my toes into each activity.

I originally heard of pilates via word-of-mouth, but then began digging deeper after learning more about it in a stretching and relaxation class. I was intrigued by the benefits of pilates, such as increased core strength and endurance, strengthening of the pelvic floor muscles, and increased flexibility. I also enjoyed the body-weight aspect of it (e.g. not using heavy dumbells, but instead learning how to move efficiently). When I finally joined a pilates class I immediately fell in love with the exercise. It was tough, probably one of the most challenging exercises I ever participated in, but I could see myself improve and the benefits were noticeable, so I kept coming back.

Eventually, as I began to incorporate physical activity more into my “free” time, I found myself desiring a higher-tempo exercise, but didn’t want to stop going to my pilates classes, and I didn’t want something that would negatively impact my pilates. A close girlfriend of mine introduced me to boxing a couple years ago, and ever since then, the combination is everything I could have asked for.

Boxing is an intense workout that will leave you panting after every round. Although it’s a very different style from pilates, I’d say it’s just as challenging, and maybe even more fun! I have to admit, I was intimidated going into the boxing gym for the first time, but the atmosphere was fun and supportive, the monthly membership was cheap, and the gear was also inexpensive when compared to other sports. Since I was new to the sport, shopping around for the right equipment was a little overwhelming, but talking to your trainers is the best place to start. I also found the website to be very helpful, too.

After about a month or so, I started noticing that I was trimming down even more than I had from just pilates. This was due to the high-intensity cardio-heavy exercises we would do for 3 minutes at a time with 1 minute rest in between. Switching the exercises up every few rounds kept the workout interesting and target virtually every muscle group in my body. I even tried my skill in the ring by sparring with a couple other people. This is really when I realized how safe and controlled boxing is, but more so how exhausting it can be to go toe-to-toe with someone for even just one round!

One of the primary benefits of boxing that I saw was the decrease in fat and simultaneous increase in muscular strength and endurance. Core strength is very important in boxing, and this helped me improve during my pilates classes as well (and vice versa)! Boxing doesn’t usually require lifting heavy weights, and most exercises are done with your own body weight. Stretching is also a key aspect of boxing training, and all of these together really helped me embrace the combination of pilates and boxing. I’ve never been in better shape!

In summary, don’t be fooled by stereotypes of each activity. They both have incredible benefits to your health and fitness, many of which cross-over! I highly recommend boxing gyms instead of home equipment, but you can find various pieces of equipment for your own home that can help you get the workouts in if you’re really short on time (e.g. a heavy bag stand with other workout features).

Whatever activity you choose, the main thing is that you enjoy yourself and it’s good for your health. Each activity I talked about is great for you, but if you’re looking to double-up, this is definitely my recommendation! Enjoy!

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Health and wellness isn’t just about eating healthy food, exercising regularly and doing pilates. That is a big part of it, yes, but one main factor is often overlooked when considering your overall health.

What actually goes on inside your mouth? How does your oral hygiene affect the rest of your body? Your mouth is where your health and digestion all begins. If you were to not properly take care of it, it can be a highly contributing factor to any issues going on in the rest of your body. The bacteria in your mouth is generally harmless, however were you to take poor care of your teeth and mouth, the bacteria can become overwhelming and damaging. This is where tooth decay, bad breath, gum disease, and even heart disease can find their way in. So what can you do to keep your mouth clean and healthy?

1) Brush twice daily.

You’ve heard this ever since you were a kid. Your parents didn’t tell you this for their own benefit (well, maybe to reduce the dental bills), but they were well informed. Brushing twice daily (or preferably after each meal) is the main and most important thing you can do to maintain your oral health. Be careful not to brush too soon after you eat, as some acidic foods can soften the enamel on your teeth, and brushing during this time can scratch or damage the enamel. Brushing also cleanses your whole mouth, ridding of bacteria and food stuck in your teeth. Don’t take brushing for granted, you have one set of adult teeth your whole life.

2) Floss daily, every time you brush.

This is where most people are a little too aloof. Flossing your teeth is just as important as brushing, as it gets into the small areas that brushing doesn’t reach, and removes the cavity-causing bacteria. You know those visits to the dentist where the hygienist flosses your teeth and you start to bleed? Yeah, that’s because you aren’t flossing enough at home, not because she’s pushing too hard. The bleeding and swelling of your gums can be early signs of gingivitis, which can eventually lead to other oral health issues, and possibly farther into your body causing stomach or heart problems. I know flossing can be a pain in the you-know-what, but it doesn’t have to be. With more options out there now, you can find what’s comfortable for you. There is your standard, thread floss, thinner, flatter tape floss, floss sticks, threading floss, and water flossers. The first five options listed are generally the same, just with different methods of application basically. Water flossers don’t actually use any type of thread or pick, it’s exactly as it sounds. A small jet of water comes from the end of the toothbrush-like unit, and you can get into all the nooks and crannies that you can’t reach with normal flossing (your hands can only go so far inside your mouth). Take a moment to check out the options for water flossers and more traditional flossing methods to see what’s best for your lifestyle.

3) Eat healthy, non acidic or sugary foods.

Keeping acids and sugars away from your teeth (and your body) are going to benefit you greatly. It will reduce the wear and tear, decay and abrasions on your teeth, and your body will thank for not digesting harmful foods. This should be the beginning and a firm habit in your healthy lifestyle, as it’s benefits carry over from your mouth to the rest of your body.

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The beautiful thing about Pilates and Yoga is it doesn’t have to be expensive. Can it be expensive? Absolutely, there are a number of high end yoga and pilate gyms that’ll cost you. Can those types of gyms be worth the price of admission? I think so, but again I’m a fitness fanatic and I believe spending money on your health is always money well spent.

Exercising At Home

If you’re going to skip the gym or studio and start practicing in your home there will be still be an upfront investment required.

Required Equipment List:

1. A Yoga Mat. This is the most basic piece of equipment. Can you do Pilates on your carpet or hardwood floor? Sure. It’s not going to be very enjoyable. The goal is to recreate the atmosphere that you’ve come accustomed to in a studio or a gym. It’s obviously not going to be perfect; the goal here is to get it close.

Yoga mats are relatively cheap and can be priced for as little as $20 and as high as $100. It really depends what you’re looking for. If you sweat a lot you might want to consider a high end yoga towel as well!

2. A Foam Roller. Foam rollers are incredibly versatile. You can do so many things with them and I always recommend that you have one in your closet. I don’t care if you’re not into pilates or yoga you probably still want one. If you’re a runner a foam roller is a must. Pretty much if you play any sport or participate in any physical activity I would recommend buying one of these. They’re super cheap, they start at about $9.99 and go up to $70 or $80 for higher ender rollers.

3. A Water Bottle. Treating the place more like a studio and less like home is a terrific way to create a studio type atmosphere. Bringing a water bottle is a great way to do this. Think about it, when you’re the gym or in a class you HATE it when you forget your water bottle. The same should be true if you’re at home. Pretend you’re in a class full of strangers and in order to go water you’re going to have to get up and go get a drink which would be awkward so you’ll just not.

4. Blocks and Straps. This is more for yoga, but sometimes in pilates we’ll make use of blocks and straps as well to tighten and tone troubled areas. These are like foam rollers, I would recommend having them in your arsenal. Having a good quality strap makes a world of difference when you’re trying to stretch those hammies out :).

That’s the basic equipment, of course you’ll also need either a DVD or a routine to follow. I find DVD’s work best for this just because then you’re forced out of your comfort zone.

Did I miss anything else? What do you bring to your home studio pilate sessions?


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Lifestyle 101

Pilates is a fantastic way to get the exercise you need in a day. No matter what method you practice, we all know that Pilates is not only an effective form of exercise but one that is safe and can be a lot of fun. However for those who are looking to achieve certain goals, Pilates alone can sometimes be not enough.

Allow me to share a story of a client of mine who began taking Pilates classes in an effort to lose weight. She was quite heavy the first time I had met her and she made it clear that her goal was to lose 50+ pounds. She chose Pilates as her exercise option and did three classes per week. Not surprisingly, she didn’t see the results she wanted as quickly as she wanted and she began to get frustrated, even threatening to quit at one time. Worried that I was going to lose a client, I had a consultation meeting with her to find out what else she was doing beyond her Pilates.

One of the first things we looked at was her meal plan and how she was eating throughout the week. I discovered that she was eating huge carbohydrate filled meals before AND after her Pilates class as she figured she was burning it off in her workouts. Unfortunately, her diet plan didn’t meet her goals and we worked on a plan to help curb her diet to a place that would better help her achieve her goals. Instead of having pasta and bread before workouts she was replacing her meals with high-protein low carbohydrate options such as protein shakes and vegetables. This small change helped her to completely reverse her trend of actually putting on more weight than she was losing and soon she was starting to feel like a completely different person. In fact, this small change actually snowballed into more changes with her eating habits as even the little tidbit of information regarding carbohydrates allowed her to apply that knowledge to other meals throughout her week. Today, she has surpassed her goals and lost over 65 pounds!

The above is an example of lifestyle design and it’s a type of personal training service you should be on the lookout for if you have specific goals you hope to reach. One of the best things I know I can offer my clients is some lifestyle design coaching as many of them often overlook key components of their overall health plan.  As in the story above, this can be the difference between reaching your goals or putting on additional weight.

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If you are struggling with staying motivated during your pilates workouts, or they seem too daunting and long, do not fear. A simple tool may be the answer to get your mind refocused and back on improving your body and wellness. That tool is the stopwatch. Next workout bring a stopwatch and see your motivation and drive peak. Stop watches that let you know at any given moment exactly how long you have been working at something is an invaluable aid.

Short Intense Moments in Workouts

You may be involved in exercises that consist of short but intense “sprints” that involve maximum physical effort — even within pilates. High energy and fat burning exercises consists of bursts of energy and working out, so using a stopwatch would help you know how long to stay in a certain position and for this may be crucial in your results. You can benefit by being able to determine how much time you are applying with your hard work.

Long, Continuous Training

Marathon or long distance training needs a stopwatch in order for you to properly train correctly. To improve your time, you may want to look up other marathon completion times, set yourself a goal, and then use your stopwatch to reach that goal. With a stopwatch monitoring how long it takes for you to run a certain amount of distance is crucial in knowing who much you’re improving and what you need to work on more.

Set Time Goals

Next time you are working out, set a goal for when you want to complete your workout for the day. When do you want to finish your laps? How fast do you want to run that mile? How long do you want to hold that plank for? Give yourself reasonable goals that you want to follow through on use your stopwatch to compare your real time and your goal. Who knows, you may even be better than your goal and making new ones in no time!

Map Out Your Sets of Exercises by Time Intervals

Scientific data has proven that there are levels of energy production, which are optimal for an individual as they work to lose weight, tone muscles and gain better overall fitness. Part of the equation of understanding what your maximum level is, is to know exactly how much time you are spending on your efforts.

A Collection of your Best Times

Some sport and athletic stopwatches are designed to hold your times and information. This can be retrieved at a later time to see your improvement and progress in your health and workout so far. There are a variety of stopwatches available that suit specific needs, such step counters and number of miles recorded, and you can easily find a stopwatch that can assist you in reaching your workout goals and fitness plans.

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ySUPOn a recent vacation I was swept away by a new experience. Well, not entirely new, it was more like two experiences rolled into one. That experience(s) was Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga. It was one of the most invigorating, challenging and awe-inspiring things I’ve done in a long time.

There is just something about that back drop – blue ocean that seems to stretch forever. The sun beating down, while you expel toxins doing one of the most relaxing activities you could possibly be doing. Yet, you’re actually working those tiny stabilizer muscles and balance takes an entirely different meaning.

If you’ve never tried SUP Yoga before I strongly recommend finding a class in your area. If you’re in a stand up paddle board hot spot you’ll have absolutely no issue. If not, you certainly can read up about the sport and make up your own yoga routine. Remember to keep the poses as simple as possible. Things like downward dog and warrior are easy to do on a board. Other, more challenging poses will be extremely tough. As a rule of thumb, if you struggle to balance in a pose on a dry land don’t do it on a SUP. You’ll probably end up falling in the water :). Not that, that is such a bad thing.

Okay so what do you need?

I would suggest you’re at least a beginner in both sports, obviously this isn’t a requirement but if you’re just trying either Yoga or Stand Up Padlde Boarding for the first time I would do them separately.

The Board

A solid paddle board. Find a big, stable paddle board with a soft top. A lot of different paddle boards have an EVA top which is basically yoga mat material. However, others have harder wood surfaces – avoid those. There are certainly boards that are better than others for this sport. Inflatable paddle boards often make a perfect ySUP (Yoga Stand Up Paddle Board) as they have soft forgiving surfaces to get bendy on.

Aside from size (11′+ is perfect) and a soft top other things to consider. Does the board have a place to store things? Lots of boards come with the elastic straps which can hold clothing, paddles, etc.


Dress for the occasion. Once you get moving around you’re probably going to get hot. That means you’ll want to shed layers. Obviously a bathing suit is a must but don’t forget the screen. Just because you start with a long sleeve doesn’t mean you’re going to end with a long sleeve shirt on.Hats are great but can get in the of some poses. All things to keep in mind when you’re getting bendy on your board.

The Paddle &  A Leash

Paddle Board accessories are vital. You’re going to need a paddle (no, it’s not the same as a canoe paddle). A leash is another handy item to have. If you fall off you don’t want to let your board run into others enjoying the ocean (or lake). Keep it nearby with a slick little leash.