The 5 long-term benefits of getting regular massages

Getting a massage can be a nice way to spend an afternoon but along with being a pleasant experience, it can also bring a lot of health benefits. Numerous studies have backed this up in recent years. So whether you’re an athlete or just which to keep healthy making massage therapy a part of your weekly routine can bring a lot of benefits. For a full range of massages to choose from check out Adam Harris in Vancouver

How massage therapy works

Massage therapy can help the body by relaxing the muscles and stimulating blood flow. This help to carry nutrients through the bloodstream while flushing toxins out. It accomplishes this by different stroking movements. Long strokes move fluids through the body which helps to repair damaged muscles through increased blood flow and oxygen. A deep tissue massage increases permeability which allows for more fluids and nutrients to flow through the body. Stretching also helps to release tension in the muscles that have built up through stress or a workout.

The following five benefits are a direct result of regular massage therapy

Helps muscle recovery

After a heavy workout, your bodies muscles will feel very tight and in need of rest. Normally this means muscle pains for the next day but this pain can be greatly lessened and recovery time speeded up by having a post-workout massage. A deep tissue or sports massage are the best choices for this as it gets deep into your muscles and allows them to relax. The increased blood flow leads to a faster recovery time so you can work out better next time

Reduces stress and anxiety

Anyone who’s had a massage before knows how relaxing they can be. Just an hour or two of deep relaxation can relieve stress that’s built up over the week. Scientific studies have confirmed this by showing how a massage can increase dopamine and serotonin levels in the brain.

Improves sleep and energy levels

Since massage therapy relieves tension in the body this makes your muscles easier to relax which means a better night’s sleep. This then translates to more energy the next day

Reduces pain

If you suffer from chronic back pain or other periodic pain you can relive it a great deal with a regular massage. The increased blood flow brings more nutrients and oxygen to the tissues which helps relieve pain. This can be great if you want to reduce your dependency on painkillers

Increased immunity

A study published in The Journal of Alternative and Complimentary Medicine showed that massage therapy can increase the number of white blood cells which leads to a stronger immune system.

All that said though it’s important to stress that all these benefits are cumulative. To really draw the full range of benefits you need to make massage therapy a routine. Health professionals recommend one a week or at the least once a fortnight.