About Us

Hello, my name is Jasmine and I am happy that you landed on my about page! I am a Pilates enthusiast and I have been practicing this method of exercise for more than a decade. I live in San Antonio, California along with my wonderful family. I love travelling as well as blogging. I am also a girl that loves to keep in shape and health.

Pilates makes you happy, as the website name suggests, was created because it’s what made me happy, along with my relatives, colleagues and friends. This method of exercise improved our physical and mental strength and health and it continues to do so especially after a long time of practicing it. I was inspired to create this website because I am a fan of Pilates and I am a blogger.

Those who are seeking for the wisdom behind Pilates, or those who wants to understand and learn more about the exercise method have found a site truly worth reading. If you wanted to have a healthier life, wanted to have strength or you just want to be happy, then Pilates makes you happy is the best website for you!

Pilates makes you happy will center about the core principles that revolves around the exercise method. I will give you a general overview of what Pilates is, its benefits, related news, events and other information about the Pilates exercise method. This way, you can find a one-stop shop for Pilates exercise method that’ll help you get happier and better!

I hope you find Pilates Makes You Happy a wonderful website to learn about Pilates exercise method.

Jasmine Salazar