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Wherever a person may be, whatever the status she/he has or whatever situation a person is in – stress is inevitable. It’s a global phenomenon everyone experiences and there is no escaping from it. Sometimes the gravity of stress becomes so intense that it becomes a major health problem. Could it be avoided? Definitely not, stress happens as life happens. It is how we respond and manage it that matters.



The causes of stress may vary, and it may be acute or chronic, minor or major. Acute minor stress can be manageable, but how about chronic major stress? According to studies, the number one cause of chronic stress in industrialized countries is work related. If this is so, can you leave your job that easy. I guess your answer will be a big NO.
So how do you cope with stress? One way is to view stress positively – as a push or a challenge to be better at what you are doing or be the best version of yourself. However, if a stress cannot be viewed positively like break ups, financial setbacks, illness, debilitating diseases and the like, how can we cope up? These are the kind of stressors that are overwhelming and sometimes it can lead to depression, mental illness, which can also be manifested physically.
I have experienced some of these negative stressors, and believe me, I tried most ways and activities that some say can decrease stress. Some work, some did not, but you know what? I found I great activity that helped me cope with stress – paintball!
Paintball is an exhilarating game made for everyone. It can be done indoors and outdoors. But what I enjoy most is playing it in the field where you can tag your opponents using a paintball marker or a gun out in the open. Find the best paintball gun that will suit your character to get the best experience out of this game. It is an intense activity with a variety. It involves a lot of running, crawling, rolling and even diving. It is an amusing activity that can help you get out all the negative emotions in you.
Although they may be rules surrounding this entertaining game, these are not implemented to restrict the player, instead they are made for safety and self control. It may be a combat sport, but no matter how much you shoot your opponent as a release of negative emotions and distressing no one dies. Isn’t that great?
Paintball – A Stress Reliever
Believe me when I say that paintball is a great way to relieve stress. Besides being a venue to release all those build up emotions, it is a fun game you share with other people. To top it all up, it is a form exercise to release endorphins – the so called happy hormones. It also gives you that adrenaline rush – an exciting destressor you can possibly imagine. But remember to stay safe, read paintball product reviews before investing on the equipment.
Final Thoughts
Stress is a part of a person’s life – it is how you view and respond to it that matters. You may find paintball as an effective way to destress or not. The important things is, do not let stress consume your life. Find ways suitable for you to cope and manage it. Don’t give up on life – get out there and distress!

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When you’re looking at yourself in the mirror, do you still love that body that you’re looking at? If not, then you are not alone with that dilemma. Do you know that there are even around 70 million obese Americans? It is safe to say that keeping a healthy and fit body for many is just so hard.  Thus, if you are already starting to gain weight and becoming overweight, then maybe it’s time for you to do something about it.

There are a lot of effective ways that an overweight person can actually lose some weight and start getting back in shape again. Although it might be hard for some, but there are so many activities that will help you burn some calories. You don’t really need to stay hours at the gym.

Simple Activities to do

For overweight people, it’s important that you understand that losing some weight is just so hard. You can start light. Besides you don’t even need to push yourself too much when you’re getting started. Here are some of the simple yet effective activities that you can do to start off.

Walking. Believe it or not, but walking can definitely help you lose some weight. You can begin by doing a 10-15 minutes of walk every day. Then gradually increase your time. The main key to its effectiveness is consistency. Do it regularly by increasing your pacing and your time and you’ll definitely see the difference in months.

Running. Running is one of the top exercises that most people do. When you’re starting out, then go with slow-drag type of running. Don’t go for a sprint because it will definitely hurt you. People pushing themselves too much, putting too much pressure on their knees. And they end up wearing bariatric knee braces because of an injury. So start slow, and eventually increase your speed and your distance.

Swimming. This is probably one of the most enjoyable way to exercise and to lose weight. You can lose weight while having fun. How cool is that? Well again, you don’t have to be the best swimmer, but it’s about consistency, slowly but surely.

Badminton. Do you play badminton? Then you’re definitely on the right track. Playing badminton regularly will definitely help you scrape off some fats. You can play at least twice or thrice a week. And make sure to do it seriously.

Losing Weight

It may seems so hard to lose weight. But it’s just a matter if having the right intention and determination. Remember, when you’re overweight, you are prone to a lot of diseases. You can’t even wear your favourite outfits because most of them doesn’t fit you at all and shops don’t sell clothes that fit your size.

And remember this, there’s no perfect time to start doing it but now. Just remember to start slow and light. If you don’t want to get yourself into an injury. The may have tons of injury braces to offer, but it doesn’t mean that you use them. And always keep yourself hydrated. Have the right mind and heart for losing weight, and you’ll sure will get there.




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When we talk to people and ask them about what contribute most to their stresses life, many of them will definitely say, it’s their job. Many people who are working long hours a day will end up exhausted and drained. Some statistic records show that about forty percent of workers says that their job was extremely stressful.


That’s definitely one of the reason why most employers would find ways and create programs that will help their employee to have a comfortable and less stressful working environment. Oftentimes, play areas are provided in the workplace for workers to spend some time and loosen up a bit and relieve themselves from stress.

Yet, whatever efforts your company might do to help you reduce stress from work, if you don’t help yourself in the process, everything will be put to waste. Let’s check out some of the useful tips you can follow in order for you to have a healthy and a comfortable work life.

Health is Wealth

This is probably one of the most mentioned saying if we talk about health. That’s also very true when you’re a working person. The best way for you to become more productive at work is to keep a healthy body and mind. Being healthy is not just about your body though. You also need to be healthy emotionally and mentally in order to perform your job well.

And that shouldn’t be hard. You just need to go back to the basic formula which is proper diet and exercise. You also to get a good amount of sleep and rest.  When at work, make sure to keep yourself hydrated. The can actually give you the right ideas on how you’d be able to maintain a good health anytime, anywhere.


The Do’s at work

Your routine and the way you work might also be contributing to the stress that you’re feeling at the end of the day. The way you sit, your office table’s position, your posture and all will also add up to stress. Expert often suggest that office should provide a healthy ergonomic workspace for their employees to avoid any back or neck injuries over time.

The gears and clothing that you’re wearing will also contribute to your comfort at work. For instance, wearing the right shoes for nurses is much better than wearing any other type of shoes. Your line of work, how often you move, the area of the workplace should be considered when choosing the right shoes or gears. That would be the same when choosing the kind of clothes to wear unless your company requires a specific uniform. Some people suggest that you might want to listen to a good music when working. It would at least put your brain at ease and you’ll feel a bit relaxed.

And more…

All work and no play will definitely make you a dull person. If you believe on that saying, then you at least find a good way to have fun outside work. You might want to visit a salon or a spa to relieve yourself from all the stress and strains of working. Or you can get into sports to keep your body and mind healthy.


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Contrary to many beginner’s popular belief, supplements are not starters, they are enhancers. If you think that supplements are what you need to begin getting your dream body, then you’re epically wrong. They are enhancers or they supplement you, help you achieve your goals. Hence, the name, supplements. Taking that all you need to take are supplements to boost your muscle gain, you’re wrong.

However, I’m not saying that supplements are no good. In fact, they are essential for anyone looking to maximize their potential gains. However, you need to first have a solid workout plan and efficient eating habit. Only then adding supplements can greatly benefit you.

Many young trainers are too eager to begin and they assume that supplements are a quick fix, a one stop solution. Many of them wanted an instant solution or magic formula instead of addressing the real issues – proper workout and nutrition. No matter how good and how many amount of supplements you take if you don’t have a good workout routine or you don’t eat properly, then everything you’re doing is nonsense.

With that in mind, what kinds of supplements should you take? There are tons of supplements available in the market today, but the following are considered standards.


What Supplements Should You Take?

It’s a no brainer that supplements are important and essential for anyone looking to improve their training results. With that in mind, there are several supplements that are fundamental for someone who’s looking to maximize their potential gains. Adding them to your diet will lead to better results.

Multi-vitamins. They are important to make sure that you can counter vitamin deficiency. They are essential for any workout program. However, you have to carefully select multi-vitamins to take. Make sure to lookout for potential allergic reactions. Make a note of potential allergies that you may have prior to getting a multivitamin.

ZMA. ZMA is acronym for Zinc Monomethionine Aspartate, Magnesium Aspartate and Vitamin B6. This is one of the best supplements for recovery. It will provide you with better sleep and recovery. In addition to that, it will also boost your immune system. Remember that a sickly body can’t recover quickly, can’t work out and can’t eat properly.

Whey Protein. Obtaining protein from diet alone is a difficult endeavor. In addition to that, there are certain risks involved on relying to whole foods for getting all of your protein. One of them is the digestion of incomplete protein and placing undue stress to your digestive tract.

Aside from these, there are still many other supplements out there that can help you. You just need to pick ones that fits your needs, routine and goals.

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PilatesMore and more people today are getting conscious about their physical appearance and a lot tries every possible way to attain the most perfect physique. But more than the external beauty, being conscious and giving value to one’s health is very essential. You get to have more energy, you tend to be happier and of course you have a longer time to enjoy what life has to offer and more importantly spend more precious moments with your love ones. Now, the question is – what is the best workout program that will render utmost fitness?

There are tons of workout regimens today. Choosing one can be quite tricky and overwhelming, it may give you the outcome you want. However, more often, it does not. Do you want to know a great idea, a powerful program that will surely work for you? How about combining the two of the best workout – Pilates and FMS Training


With Pilates’ increasing popularity, you might already know that it is not only an excellent way to strengthen the muscles and improve posture, but it also increases body awareness, making it a perfect workout for the mind and the body. It is a perfect system developed by James Pilates, which does not only change your physical appearance, but it also improves the biological functions of the body. Over the years, this workout has evolved bringing forth a more contemporary approach to achieve utmost health and soul fitness  that suits every cosmopolitan individual. It is by far the most perfect combination to enhance any regimen.

FMS (Functional Movement System) Training

FMS Training is a series of body movements or exercises formulated from years of research and innovation based on science. The core of this training focuses on the normal biological functioning of the human body identifying functional limitations, thus preventing injuries and asymmetries. It is an effective workout that involves a personal trainer who is knowledgeable and certified expert in this kind of routine. FMS is identified as the exercise that improves overall physique – improving lifestyle and living. Its efficacy has been proven by a lot of people and endorsed by most fitness experts.

Knowing the power of Pilates and FMS training, where the approach is so comprehensive in nature, will enable you to achieve your fitness goals in no time. Find a certified personal trainer  Try this amazing combo and watch how your mind and body improves drastically.

To better understand FMS watch this short video

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Lifestyle 101

Pilates is a fantastic way to get the exercise you need in a day. No matter what method you practice, we all know that Pilates is not only an effective form of exercise but one that is safe and can be a lot of fun. However for those who are looking to achieve certain goals, Pilates alone can sometimes be not enough.

Allow me to share a story of a client of mine who began taking Pilates classes in an effort to lose weight. She was quite heavy the first time I had met her and she made it clear that her goal was to lose 50+ pounds. She chose Pilates as her exercise option and did three classes per week. Not surprisingly, she didn’t see the results she wanted as quickly as she wanted and she began to get frustrated, even threatening to quit at one time. Worried that I was going to lose a client, I had a consultation meeting with her to find out what else she was doing beyond her Pilates.

One of the first things we looked at was her meal plan and how she was eating throughout the week. I discovered that she was eating huge carbohydrate filled meals before AND after her Pilates class as she figured she was burning it off in her workouts. Unfortunately, her diet plan didn’t meet her goals and we worked on a plan to help curb her diet to a place that would better help her achieve her goals. Instead of having pasta and bread before workouts she was replacing her meals with high-protein low carbohydrate options such as protein shakes and vegetables. This small change helped her to completely reverse her trend of actually putting on more weight than she was losing and soon she was starting to feel like a completely different person. In fact, this small change actually snowballed into more changes with her eating habits as even the little tidbit of information regarding carbohydrates allowed her to apply that knowledge to other meals throughout her week. Today, she has surpassed her goals and lost over 65 pounds!

The above is an example of lifestyle design and it’s a type of personal training service you should be on the lookout for if you have specific goals you hope to reach. One of the best things I know I can offer my clients is some lifestyle design coaching as many of them often overlook key components of their overall health plan.  As in the story above, this can be the difference between reaching your goals or putting on additional weight.

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