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There’s no doubt at all, music can make or break a wedding. Everyone will be expecting a killer band or DJ but which to go for? This will take a bit of planning but by asking yourself a few simple questions while thinking about your needs and those of your guests you can be sure of a great wedding reception.

The answer will be different for every kind of bride and wedding. You want music that will keep the dance floor busy and the highs high all night long. An iPod on shuffle won’t do the trick so ask yourself the following questions and decide what’s best for you.

Things to consider


Think of the feeling you want to create for the reception. Slow moving string quartet, electro swing or hard hitting rock. Your own tastes will largely dictate this. Think about the theme you want. This will set the right tone and be what people remember about the night.


Your going to want a bit of variety in the music played. Whether it’s a live band or a DJ you need to be sure they can play a mix of slow and fast tracks for the right moments.


Generally, DJ’s are less expensive than live bands. Whether the wedding will be on a weekday or weekend will also influence prices.


How much space do you have for the reception? A large band with all its equipment will take up a lot of space so get a good luck at your venue and think about what would fit best. There may be problems with the power supply or noise limitations so get all the information you need from the hosting venue.

Live bands

Few things can energise a crowd quite like a live band. The beat of the drums and energy of the guitar will have everyone in high spirits. However, there are a few pros and cons to think over first.


Live music can give a great performance that will have everyone energised the big advantage is that they can match the tempo to whatever the crowd needs as well as being able to play particular themes like jazz or old rock


Bands can be a lot more expensive than a DJ and they won’t have as large a range of music as a DJ can provide. Equipment will take up a lot of space and there will be lulls in the music while the band takes a break.


Getting a DJ will be significantly cheaper. Not to mention you’ll get more original tracks and a larger variety. It’s well worth getting a DJ with a good reputation for events. DJ Krista over in Vancouver caters especially to this.


If there are a lot of different tracks you want to listen to then a DJ can provide all that. An excellent DJ with a great personality can really set the mood and keep the party going.


On the other hand, a DJ with a poor personality can really kill the mood. Improvisation is more difficult and you won’t be able to match the mood of the crowd. A DJ also won’t provide quite the visual performance that a band will.


Final thoughts

Interview the band or DJ to be sure you’re on the same page and they can do what they need. Lastly be sure you look over the contact to make sure it covers everything before signing it. If anything is missing add it in.



Wherever a person may be, whatever the status she/he has or whatever situation a person is in – stress is inevitable. It’s a global phenomenon everyone experiences and there is no escaping from it. Sometimes the gravity of stress becomes so intense that it becomes a major health problem. Could it be avoided? Definitely not, stress happens as life happens. It is how we respond and manage it that matters.



The causes of stress may vary, and it may be acute or chronic, minor or major. Acute minor stress can be manageable, but how about chronic major stress? According to studies, the number one cause of chronic stress in industrialized countries is work related. If this is so, can you leave your job that easy. I guess your answer will be a big NO.
So how do you cope with stress? One way is to view stress positively – as a push or a challenge to be better at what you are doing or be the best version of yourself. However, if a stress cannot be viewed positively like break ups, financial setbacks, illness, debilitating diseases and the like, how can we cope up? These are the kind of stressors that are overwhelming and sometimes it can lead to depression, mental illness, which can also be manifested physically.
I have experienced some of these negative stressors, and believe me, I tried most ways and activities that some say can decrease stress. Some work, some did not, but you know what? I found I great activity that helped me cope with stress – paintball!
Paintball is an exhilarating game made for everyone. It can be done indoors and outdoors. But what I enjoy most is playing it in the field where you can tag your opponents using a paintball marker or a gun out in the open. Find the best paintball gun that will suit your character to get the best experience out of this game. It is an intense activity with a variety. It involves a lot of running, crawling, rolling and even diving. It is an amusing activity that can help you get out all the negative emotions in you.
Although they may be rules surrounding this entertaining game, these are not implemented to restrict the player, instead they are made for safety and self control. It may be a combat sport, but no matter how much you shoot your opponent as a release of negative emotions and distressing no one dies. Isn’t that great?
Paintball – A Stress Reliever
Believe me when I say that paintball is a great way to relieve stress. Besides being a venue to release all those build up emotions, it is a fun game you share with other people. To top it all up, it is a form exercise to release endorphins – the so called happy hormones. It also gives you that adrenaline rush – an exciting destressor you can possibly imagine. But remember to stay safe, read paintball product reviews before investing on the equipment.
Final Thoughts
Stress is a part of a person’s life – it is how you view and respond to it that matters. You may find paintball as an effective way to destress or not. The important things is, do not let stress consume your life. Find ways suitable for you to cope and manage it. Don’t give up on life – get out there and distress!

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It is clear that Pilates not only provides physical strength and flexibility, but it also improves mental awareness.  This is a plus when it comes to anger management.  At the very moment of being angry, it is important to become engaged in activities that will help you get your mind off of it.

This is one benefit Pilates has if you are too angry about something.  This is opposite from what walking, jogging, or running, for example, provide.  When you are angry, you cannot get that thing out of your head.  While you are running and think about what makes you angry, you grow angrier and start running faster.  This might be good for your exercise, though.

Pilates is about focus

One of the first benefits that you will find about pilates is that it is about focus.  Some exercises have more complexity and require more dexterity than others.  Since you need to stay 100% focused on what you are doing, your mind is cleared out of whatever is making you so upset.

You soon discover that pilates causes you enough joy to take you off anything making you angry.  The truth is that, in order for pilates to truly work, you need to do every routine with precision and effectively.  This allows no time for any other thoughts.  Hence, pilates is relaxing.

Mental awareness

The main focus of pilates has to do with general wellbeing, using the maximum resources without “killing” yourself. There is no way for you to get bored while doing pilates.  Only good sensations may arise from this yoga-inspired routine.  This allows you to have a better mental awareness.

When you become more aware of who you are, you thrive to get rid of all the negativity that affects your physiology.  Anger management is then recognized as a not positive mental state.  You work to get rid of such negativity.

Anger management has no place in a happy you

As said before, pilates makes you happy.  The mere joy of knowing you are doing this for yourself is fulfilling.  The fact that you get to relax while working out in an effective manner has a positive impact on your mood.

All of these benefits combined will inevitably fill you with much-needed happiness.  There is no more space for being angry or upset.  You realize that those things that used to irk you no longer bother you.  It is a total lifestyle change, for the good.

Pilates is a good complement to a good therapy

Sometimes we need more than exercise in order to cope with some unwanted situations.  Pilates is a great way to vent frustrations and direness.  Complement it with effective counseling and you will be up on your feet in no time.

It is up to you to stay in the loop of anger management or to set yourself free into a more joyful you.


As more and more athletes are getting into the habit of including organic sulfur to their diets, it is not hard to note that ti should be part of every pilates diet.  There is no doubt about the benefits obtained with the application of this important substance as a supplement.  Let´s explore what are some reasons why organic sulfur will make wonders to your pilates diet.


Pilates is very similar to yoga.  The kinds of exercises needed for pilates require a person to have a certain flexibility.  Organic sulfur does precisely that:  increase flexibility.  By adding organic sulfur to your diet, your performance at pilates will increase noticeably.  This increased performance will be reflected in faster results in a shorter time.  It definitively looks like something you should be aiming for.  Remember that Pilates is about balancing flexibility with strength.

Overall health

Pilates is about working out by taking your body to the limit.  It is recommended for it to be combined with your regular workout.  A good cardio workout (walking, jogging, running) is a great add-on to Pilates.  General health is very important to keep up with this healthy lifestyle.  You must develop certain resistance to strenuous exercising.  In order for a person to keep a good health that will enable an effective workout, organic sulfur is necessary.  This ensures that the program will not be placed on standby to poor health or sickness.


One important effect of the regular intake of organic sulfur is that it prevents inflammation.  It does this by increasing the cell’s permeability and preventing the accumulation of water.  Inflammation usually affects the joints and tendons.  They will definitively keep you from performing your routine in a correct fashion.  In most cases, it will keep you from working out at all.  Organic sulfur crystals will greatly benefit a Pilates practitioner in that it will keep the joints and tendons in perfect shape.  This is necessary for the correct performance of a routine’s most demanding positions.


Since organic sulfur reduces inflammation by increasing the cell’s permeability, it can also be considered a detoxifier.  The toxins and waste produced by the cell are easily removed and disposed of.  Free radicals that favor aging are also eliminated more readily with the use of organic sulfur.  A clean body is a healthy body.  A healthy body will be more favored by the practice of pilates.  Results will get better than expected when routines are performed on a detoxified body.

Blood circulation and oxygenation

A good blood circulation guarantees a proper oxygenation.  This reduces the chances of getting cancer and many blood-related diseases.  Proper organ oxygenation means that you are less likely to get fatigued easily.  This means more endurance for the fulfillment of your pilates program.  It all is a win-win for you.


One thing we love about Pilates and Yoga is how they make us feel while we are at it and right after we have concluded a session.  That sensation of relaxation we get and of well-being provided by our determination of doing something for ourselves is beyond compare.  It is a great feeling when you know that there are better days to come ahead of you.  It is even greater to realize that you are being proactive in fulfilling your personal goals.

You have seen joggers and runners perform while they carry a music player with earpieces on them.  This is actually appropriate as it is a good motivator to keep on going.  Pilates and Yoga though, are practiced on a stable setting and usually require a peaceful environment with a touch of fun as well.  Relaxing music with a great sound goes a long way in achieving the best performance.  If we are talking about great sound, you must agree that nothing delivers such as a great record player does. Yes, that briefcase or that turntable that used to adorn your parents’ house living room.  You  can now go back to vintage records and play the music you love performing the routine you love.

Great sound is more relaxing

When you are listening to great music with the fidelity that record players provide, you are setting off  a great mood.  This allows you to create a more relaxing status and will help you perform at your Pilates or Yoga session.  The advantage of record players and vinyl records is that they can play seamlessly without the risk of an electronic glitch or anything similar.  The fact that the music is not electronic allows for an almost perfect sound that plays as long as your session lasts.

Record player sounds creates a nice atmosphere

An adequate atmosphere is the best one to effectively carry on a Yoga session.  There are, of course, episodes of effort and hard work, but a convenient ambient means a more effective exercise.  Even during intensive sections of Pilates, a great sound motivates you hard enough to keep on.  If you combine a great tune with fantastic sound, great things begin to happen.

Great music helps obtain a mental state

Great music, mainly vintage sounds, can carry you on to the required state of mind to start your session.  While music being played on a nice record player fills up the air, you achieve a mind state that helps you better attain those positions and exercises you are practicing.  It is all a matter of letting yourself flow with the rhythm of a great vinyl record played with the highest fidelity of sound.   The mere nostalgic sense of having a majestic piece of comeback article in your living room is exciting in itself.


Training regimen is essential for a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Its goal is to attain total wellness that will enrich our bodies for the activities of daily living. A meaningful way of life is an attained balanced of mind and body, which Pilates provides. It also compliments any fitness and exercise regimens and make sure to speak to your personal trainer to determine how it fits into your overall fitness plan.

What is Pilates?

pilatesCreated by Joseph Pilates, Pilates is a contemporary approach of series of exercises that involves movement that focuses on training the mind and the body. This type of exercise emphasizes the importance of proper breathing and proper spine alignment. For people who seldom workout, this seems to be intimidating, but this way of movement had been used for decades to promote physical fitness and a great state of mind. For most parts, it includes 25 to 50 strength training exercises that involve the abdominal muscles, lower back, thighs and hips. This can be done by most people but it is important to consult your physician before doing it. If you practice Pilates regularly, you will soon attain the numerous benefits.

Benefits of Pilates

  • Attuned Body and Mind

Pilates emphasizes proper breathing, aligned spine and pelvis while concentrating on smooth, flowing movements, these bring the mind and body into harmony. It makes you more aware of your body and you will soon find yourself correcting your bad habits towards your body.


  • Strong Core and Better Balance

The basic aspect of Pilates is pulling your navel in through breathing, doing this regularly helps build abdominal muscles strengthening the core and decreases lower back pain. Strong core also helps in attaining better sense of balance.


  • Better Posture

Pilates can pretty much guarantees proper posture. If you practice this type of movements regularly, eventually you will stand tall, look smart and elegant.


  • Longer, Leaner Musculature and Improved Flexibility

Traditional weight lifting builds short muscles that are prone to injury, on the other hand, Pilates elongates and make muscles leaner, flexible and elastic which is less likely to be injured.


  • Strengthens the Body

Pilates conditions the whole body, no muscle group is left undeveloped. With the entire muscles working in perfect condition, you will have all the strength for daily living. Better endurance and high level of performance are seen with people practicing Pilates.

With all these benefits that you can reap from Pilates, incorporating or including it to any training regimen really helps. Pilates is more than just an exercise but it is a way of life. A fusion of the mind and body is essential to well being. This basically enhances the quality of life you have.  Most athletes and health conscious individuals have included Pilates as a critical part of their training regimen, precisely because it does not only provide a healthy physique; it also provides a positive connection with the inner self. Don’t take my word for it, try Pilates now and see how essential it is to every regimen you have. Apparently, with a regular Pilates program, you will see the amazing changes in your life.