How I dealt with getting adult braces

So you’re an adult who getting or just gotten braces. Don’t freak out, many people have been there before and while it will seem like your social life may be on the verge of imploding this is nothing to worry about. Expect some adjustments in the future but with time you’ll overcome them and hardly notice the braces are even there. Ok, maybe not, but as you’ll see in this article this is a perfectly manageable moment in your life.

Questions to ask before getting braces

If you’re just at the contemplating stage of getting braces then before you spend your money and time on any old set ask your orthodontist a few questions first. Information from a professional will help clear up any areas of uncertainty so you know what options are open to you. Braces come in different types and materials, some will only be suited for certain people while others are the only ones your dentist recommends for your condition.

  • Will Invisalign braces work for me? If not, why?
  • Will any teeth be extracted?
  • Will I need jaw surgery? If so will it be before or after?
  • Will braces only straighten my teeth, or will they also improve my bite
  • How long will treatment take?
  • How often will I need to come in for treatment and adjustment?

Once the braces are installed you’ll find yourself going through an adjustment period. As with any change in your appearance don’t stress out too much about it. There are a few things you can do to make a transition to braces a lot smoother.

Pretend they don’t exist

Yes, you heard me right. Don’t spend ages staring into a mirror and stressing out over how they look, you’ll only drive yourself crazy. Instead, pretend you have a movie star smile and try to forget they’re even there. Trust me, in a very short time, you will forget about them. Let other people mention them first and if someone is staring any your mouth more than usual just ignore them. You’ll find that most people are polite and will only ask about the cost.

Always have a toothbrush handy

Make a toothbrush a part of your ‘leaving the house’ kit from now on. Food will get stuck in them so you’ll want your toothbrush handy so you can rush to the bathroom after a meal and give them a scrub.

Be the first to approach a romantic interest

Having braces could lead to a nosedive in your self-confidence but only if you let it. Try to be more active and approach romantic interests yourself. It can be daunting walking up to a stranger and making small talk, even without braces, but it’s totally worth it. If you don’t and people aren’t coming to you then you’ll only blame your braces for the lack of attention and sink further into anxiety.