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There’s no doubt at all, music can make or break a wedding. Everyone will be expecting a killer band or DJ but which to go for? This will take a bit of planning but by asking yourself a few simple questions while thinking about your needs and those of your guests you can be sure of a great wedding reception.

The answer will be different for every kind of bride and wedding. You want music that will keep the dance floor busy and the highs high all night long. An iPod on shuffle won’t do the trick so ask yourself the following questions and decide what’s best for you.

Things to consider


Think of the feeling you want to create for the reception. Slow moving string quartet, electro swing or hard hitting rock. Your own tastes will largely dictate this. Think about the theme you want. This will set the right tone and be what people remember about the night.


Your going to want a bit of variety in the music played. Whether it’s a live band or a DJ you need to be sure they can play a mix of slow and fast tracks for the right moments.


Generally, DJ’s are less expensive than live bands. Whether the wedding will be on a weekday or weekend will also influence prices.


How much space do you have for the reception? A large band with all its equipment will take up a lot of space so get a good luck at your venue and think about what would fit best. There may be problems with the power supply or noise limitations so get all the information you need from the hosting venue.

Live bands

Few things can energise a crowd quite like a live band. The beat of the drums and energy of the guitar will have everyone in high spirits. However, there are a few pros and cons to think over first.


Live music can give a great performance that will have everyone energised the big advantage is that they can match the tempo to whatever the crowd needs as well as being able to play particular themes like jazz or old rock


Bands can be a lot more expensive than a DJ and they won’t have as large a range of music as a DJ can provide. Equipment will take up a lot of space and there will be lulls in the music while the band takes a break.


Getting a DJ will be significantly cheaper. Not to mention you’ll get more original tracks and a larger variety. It’s well worth getting a DJ with a good reputation for events. DJ Krista over in Vancouver caters especially to this.


If there are a lot of different tracks you want to listen to then a DJ can provide all that. An excellent DJ with a great personality can really set the mood and keep the party going.


On the other hand, a DJ with a poor personality can really kill the mood. Improvisation is more difficult and you won’t be able to match the mood of the crowd. A DJ also won’t provide quite the visual performance that a band will.


Final thoughts

Interview the band or DJ to be sure you’re on the same page and they can do what they need. Lastly be sure you look over the contact to make sure it covers everything before signing it. If anything is missing add it in.